Table 1.

The nucleotide sequences and positions of oligonucleotide probes for NOB

ProbeaPosition (nucleotides)bBase sequence (5′ to 3′)Td (°C)cWash temp (°C)Targeted groupNontarget bacteria with exact match to probe sequence
S-G-Ntspa-0685-a-A-22664–685CAC CGG GAA TTC CGC GCT CCT C63.060.0 N. moscoviensis, N. marina, and 710-9 cloneNone
S-*-Ntspa-0454-a-A-19435–454TCC ATC TTC CCT CCC GAA AA58.556.0 N. moscoviensis 710-9 cloneNone
  • a Probe names designated by the standard proposed by Alm et al. (1).

  • b E. coli numbering.

  • c Td, temperature at which 50% of the bound probe is released from the homologous hybrid.