Table 1.

Summary data for plastid gene clones reported here

RFLP typePhylogenetic affiliationNo. of clones recoveredRepre- sentative cloneaSequence length (nt)bGenBank accession no.
I Prymnesiophyceae 30OCS311,472 AF001655
IX3OCS50956 AF001656
III Bacillariophyceae 9OCS541,478 AF001657
XI2OCS56554 AF001658
V Cryptophyceae 6OCS201,479 AF001654
XVII Prasinophyceae 2OCS1621,490 AF001659
XXXVI1OCS1821,482 AF001660
  • a Identical sequences were not filed in the GenBank database.

  • b Includes the sequences of primers used in the amplification of environmental nucleic acids. nt, nucleotides.

  • c ND, no sequence was determined.