Table 1.

Properties of the seven isolates of the biofilm community

IsolatePhylogenetic affiliationGrowth on toluenedGrowth on benzyl alcoholf
P. putida R1γ Subgroup ofProteobacteriaa++
Acinetobacter sp. strain C6γ Subgroup ofProteobacteriab++
D8β Subgroup ofProteobacteriab+e+
smo127Gram-positive high-G+C-content bacteriac
smo111Gram-positive high-G+C content bacteriac
smo113α Subgroup ofProteobacteriac
smo115Gram-positive high-G+C-content bacteriac
  • a Data from reference39.

  • b Based on the 16S rRNA sequence.

  • c Based on hybridization with group-specific probes (19a).

  • d Data from reference 41.

  • e Growth capacity on toluene varies.

  • f Growth in overnight cultures.