Non-anthracis Bacillus assemblies in which B. anthracis-associated genes were detected, excluding anthrax toxin genes cya, lef, and pagA and regulator atxA

ClusterNCBI species classificationpanC cladeGenBank accession no.cStrain/isolate IDaIsolate source (reference)Gene detected?
2B. cereusIIIGCA_001286905.1JRS1Rhazya stricta rhizosphere, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (105)+++
6B. cereusIIIGCA_000003955.1AH1273Human blood, Iceland (52)+++++
6B. cereusIIIGCA_000161395.1AH1272Amniotic fluid, Iceland (52)++++
6B. cereusIIIGCA_000181655.1, GCA_000832865.103BB108Dust containing pneumonia-causing B. cereus strain 03BB012 (106)+++++
6B. cereusIVGCA_000398945.1SchrouffFood (107)+++++
6B. cereusIVGCA_000399185.1K-5975cFood (107)+++++
6B. cereusIVGCA_000399305.1HuB4-4Soil, Belgium (107)++++
6B. thuringiensisIIIGCA_000161595.1Serovar Monterrey strain BGSC 4AJ1Mexico (108)+++++
6B. thuringiensisIVGCA_001640965.1BGSC 4C1Bombyx mori, Czechoslovakia (109)+++++
17B. cereusVIGCA_002014585.1FSL H8-0485Soil, USA (110)+
17B. thuringiensisIIIGCA_000948155.1Et10/1Geothermal spring, Lirima thermal springs, Chile (111)++
21B. cereusIVGCA_000161315.1F65185Open fracture, NY, USA (112)+++++
21B. cereusVGCA_000290835.1VD115Soil, Guadeloupe (107)+++++
21B. thuringiensisIVGCA_001677055.1bBGSC 4BT1Red soil, China (113)++++
29B. cereusIIIGCA_001913295.1MOD1_Bc119Whole black pepper, USA (114)+++++
  • a ID, identification.

  • b capE was detected at a lower amino acid identity (47.7%, compared to the default threshold of 50%).

  • c Multiple accession numbers are given for strains associated with multiple assemblies.