Characteristics of Wolbachia strains established in vitro

Wolbachia strain designationOriginal insect hostWolbachia cladePhenotypeaDiagnostic primersbReference
wRicD. simulans (Diptera)ACI; mod+ resc+169F, 691R26
wCofD. simulans (Diptera)ACI; mod resc308F, 691R12
wAlbBA. albopictusd (Diptera)BCI; mod+ resc+183F, 691R22
wPipCulex pipiens (Diptera)BCI; mod+ resc+183F, 691R9
wCauACadra cautellae (Lepidoptera)ACI; mod+ resc+178F, 691R21
wCauBCadra cautella (Lepidoptera)BCI; mod+ resc+211F, 691R21
  • a See reference 4 for a review of CI phenotypes.

  • b Diagnostic primers are discussed in reference 36.

  • c wRi infection was successfully established in four different insect cell lines: Aa23, C6/36, S2, and SF9.

  • d Host superinfected with wAlbA and wAlbB; only the wAlbB infection has been established in vitro (15).

  • e Host superinfected with wCauA and wCauB; both infections have been established in vitro as a superinfected culture.