Non-anthracis Bacillus assemblies in which anthrax toxin genes cya, lef, and/or pagA were detected using BTyper

ClusteraNCBI species classificationpanC cladebGenBank accession no.cStrainIsolate source (reference)Gene(s) detected?
1B. cereusIIIGCA_000022505.1, GCA_000832405.103BB102Human with fatal pneumonia, San Antonio, TX, USA (104)+++++
1B. cereusIIIGCA_000143605.1Biovar anthracis strain CIChimpanzee with fatal anthrax, Taï National Park, Côte d'Ivoire (51)++++++
22B. cereusIIIGCA_000167215.1, GCA_000832805.1G9241Human with pneumonia, nausea, and vomiting, LA, USA (65)+++++
22B. cereusIIIGCA_000688755.1BcFL2013Human with anthrax-like skin lesion, FL, USA (66)+++++
22B. cereusIIIGCA_000789315.103BB87Human with fatal pneumonia, Lubbock, TX, USA (67)+++++
22B. cereusIIIGCA_002007005.1LA2007Human with fatal pneumonia and septic shock, Galliano, LA, USA (68)+++++
  • a Clusters were assigned using a k-medoids approach (k = 31).

  • b panC clades were assigned using BTyper.

  • c Multiple accession numbers are given for strains associated with multiple assemblies.