Major phylogenetic lineages to which the phylotypes from the porcine GI tracts were affiliated

Phylogenetic groupaRDP reg. no.No. of phylotypes detectedSimilarity (%)b
Eubacterium and relatives2.30.412593.0
Clostridium and relatives2.30.910992.2
Bacillus-Lactobacillus-Strepto-coccus subdivision2.30.74696.7
Flexibacter-Cytophaga-Bacteroides group2.154287.5
Sporomusa and relatives2.30.31594.7
Mycoplasma and relatives2.30.8878.6
High-G+C bacteria2.30.1493.5
Spirochetes and relatives2.27286.4
Clostridium purinolyticum group2.30.5194.4
Planctomyces and relatives2.20186.0
Flexistipes sinusarabici assemblage2.14185.9
Anaerobaculum thermoterrenum group2.11184.3
  • a Phylogenetic grouping according to the RDP.

  • b Mean similarity of all the phylotypes affiliated with that group to the most closely related sequences in the RDP alignment version 7.1.