Dark inactivation parameters for WSP effluent and raw sewage in fresh (river) watera

IndicatorEffluentkD (h−1) (n; CV%)bT90 (h)
Fecal coliformsWSP0.0162 (60; 14)144
RS0.007 (17; 18)329
E. coliWSP0.0171 (59; 18)135
RS0.023 (17; 10)100
EnterococciWSP0.0168 (60; 26)135
RS0.012 (17; 18)192
Somatic coliphagesWSP0.008 (60; 26)288
RS0.001 (17; 17)2,303
F-RNA phagesWSP0.014 (43; 12)165
RS≈0 (17)c
  • a The kD values were calculated from the combined percent survival plots loge for all available experiments and are presented at up to 4 decimal places for comparison of the small differences. No dark controls were possible in experiments 5 and 7.

  • b For each kD value, the number of samples (n) and the coefficient of variation (CV%) are given in parentheses as indicated.

  • c Not calculated (near zero inactivation).