Origins and characteristics of the Synechococcus strains used in this studya

Group and strainIsolation locationA495/A545Other databOrigincReferenceGenBank accession no.
Marine A Synechococcus clade I
    WH 8015Woods Hole0.44WH65AF397717
    WH 8016Woods Hole0.4WH65AF397718
    WH 8020Sargasso Sea0.78CAWH65AF397719
    WH 9908Woods HoleNDgWHThis workAF397720
Marine A Synechococcus clade II
    WH 6501Tropical Atlantic0.43WH65AF397706
    WH 8002Gulf of Mexico0.48WH65AF397707
    WH 8005Gulf of Mexico0.44WH65AF397708
    WH 8012Sargasso Sea0.4WH65AF397709
    WH 8109Sargasso Sea0.89WH65AF397710
Marine A Synechococcus clade III
    C8015Red Sea>1MotileD. Lindell and A. Post23AF397711
    WH 8102Western Caribbean2.06MotileWH65AF397712
    WH 8103Sargasso Sea2.4Motile, NCAWH65AF397713
    WH 8112Sargasso SeaVariableMotile, CAWH65AF397714
    WH 8113Sargasso SeaVariableMotile, CAWH65AF397715
    WH 8406Gulf of Mexico0.84MotileWH65AF397716
Marine A Synechococcus clade IV
    EBAC392Monterey Bayd4AF268237
    MB11A04Monterey Bay51AY033297
    MB11E09Monterey Bay51AY033308
Marine A Synechococcus clade V
    RS9705Red Sea<1D. Lindell and A. Post23AF397725
    RS9708Red Sea<1D. Lindell and A. Post23AF397726
    WH 7803Sargasso Sea0.39WH65AF397727
Marine A Synechococcus clade VI
    WH 7805Sargasso SeaNo PUB WH65AF397721
    WH 8008Gulf of MexicoNo PUB WH65AF397722
    WH 8017Woods HoleNo PUBeWH65AF397723
    WH 8018Woods HoleNo PUB WH65AF397724
Marine B Synechococcus
    WH 8101Woods HoleNAfWH65AF397728
    WH 5701Long Island SoundNAfWH65AF397729
Cyanobium Synechococcus
    PCC 6307Wisconsin lakeNAfPCC42AF397730
  • a See Table 1, footnote a. A495/A545 ratio is a measure of relative amounts of PUB to PEB. Data for Woods Hole collection Synechococcus strains are from reference 65. Data for Red Sea Synechococcus strains were provided by D. Lindell (personal communication).

  • b CA, chromatic adaptation; NCA, no chromatic adaptation (taken from reference 35).

  • c WH, Woods Hole culture collection; PCC, Pasteur Culture Collection.

  • d Environmental sequence, no pigment data available.

  • e Originally described as containing PUB (65).

  • f Strain lacks phycoerythrin and thus has no PUB or PEB.

  • g ND, not determined.