B. cereus group assemblies in which emetic toxin genes cesABCD were detected

ClusterNCBI species classificationpanC cladeGenBank accession no.StrainIsolate source (reference)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000021225.1AH187Vomit of a person who ate cooked rice; isolate was associated with an emetic outbreak in 1972 (73)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000161075.1BDRD-ST26BDRD stock strain (52)a
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000171035.2H3081.97Food; emetic toxin-producing isolate from 1997 outbreak linked to rice, TX, USA (115)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000283675.1NC7401Emetic isolate (74)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000290935.2IS075Wild mammal (vole) (116)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000290995.1AND1407Black currant (53)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000291235.1MSX-A12Not available (107)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000399205.1IS845/00Bank vole, Poland (107, 117)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000399225.1IS195Bank vole, Poland (107, 117)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_000743195.1F1-15Foodborne source (118)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566375.1MB.15Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566385.1MB.18Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566435.1MB.16Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566445.1MB.17Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566455.1MB.21Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566465.1MB.8Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566515.1MB.8-1Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566525.1MB.20Food, Munich, Germany (119)
12B. cereusIIIGCA_001566535.1MB.22Food, Munich, Germany (119)
24B. cereusVIGCA_000291155.1MC67Sandy loam, Møn, Denmark (75, 107, 120)
24B. cereusVIGCA_000291315.1CER074Raw milk (53)
24B. cereusVIGCA_000291335.1CER057Parsley (53)
24B. cereusVIGCA_000293605.1BtB2-4Forest soil (53)
24B. cereusVIGCA_000399245.1MC118Sandy loam, Møn, Denmark (75, 107, 120)
  • a BDRD, Biological Defense Research Directorate.