Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidDescriptionaReference or source
pCasExpresses Cas9 and λ-RED34
pTargetExpresses sgRNA34
pKD46PBAD λ-RED, Ampr33
pKD46-I-SceIPBAD λ-RED, I-SceI, AmprThis study
pET30aLacI+, KanrEMD Millipore, Billerica, MA
pET30a-destMCS, KanrThis study
pET30a-LP-pcaIJFKpcaIJFK integration, KanrThis study
pET30a-LP-pcaHGBDCpcaHGBDC integration, KanrThis study
pET30a-LP-controlGene deletion, KanrThis study
pJM157Expresses elfC sgRNAThis study
pJM160Contains praI expression construct with elfC homologyThis study
pJM179Expresses flu sgRNAThis study
pJM180Expresses pcaH sgRNA #1This study
pJM182Expresses pcaH sgRNA #2This study
  • a Ampr, ampicillin resistance; MCS, multiple-cloning site; sgRNA, single-guide RNA.