Cry5Ca and Cry5Da toxins show synergistic nematicidal activity against C. elegans N2

Proportion of Cry5Ca/Cry5DaLC50 (μg/ml)Synergism factorc
1:057.22 (5.19–83.85)
0:136.69 (0.01–74.65)
1:110.15 (0.05–19.32)14.901.47
1:26.82 (0.02–11.63)13.892.04
2:19.97 (0.07–16.31)16.081.61
  • a LC50s were analyzed by a PROBIT model, and the 95% confidence intervals are given in parentheses.

  • b The expected LC50s were calculated following Tabashnik's equation based on the additive effect of the two components.

  • c The synergism factor was calculated by dividing the expected value by the observed LC50.