Bacterial strains and plasmids

Genus and speciesType of bacteriumaQSbStrain designationReference(s)
Nitrosospira multiformisAOB+/+ATCC 25196T17
Nitrosospira briensisAOB+/+C-12820
Nitrosomonas europaeaAOB−/−ATCC 1971829
Nitrosomonas eutrophaAOB−/−C9162
Nitrosococcus oceaniAOB−/−ATCC 1970763
Nitrobacter hamburgensisNOB+/−X1418, 64
Nitrobacter vulgarisNOB+/+AB121, 65
Nitrococcus mobilisNOB+/−Nb−23148
Nitrospina gracilisNOB−/−3/21148, 66
Nitrospira defluviiNOB−/−A1740, 67
Nitrospira moscoviensisNOB+/+M119, 41
Agrobacterium tumefaciens−/−KYC55(pJZ372)(pJZ384)(pJZ410)36, 54
  • a Ammonia-oxidizing bacterium (AOB) or nitrite-oxidizing bacterium (NOB).

  • b Data indicate whether the species genome contains a putative AHL synthase (LuxI homolog) and a putative AHL receptor (LuxR homolog) and if AHLs were detected in pure cultures by a bioassay, respectively. For example, +/+ indicates that the genome contains QS genes and that AHLs were detected.