Table 3.

Competition between methylotrophic bacteria in serial batch cultures

Competing strainsΔμmax(h−1)cRatio of cell no. after:
Higher maximal growth rateLower maximal growth rate48 ha124 hb
DM11 (wild type)DM4 (wild type)0.088684,8005.5 × 105 >5.8 × 108
DM4-2cr(DM4)DM4 (wild type)0.0031.15 NDe 1.4544.4
DM11 (wild type)DM4-2cr(DM11)0.074352,7009,600>3.5 × 108
  • a After a single transfer at a 1,000-fold dilution into fresh medium.

  • b After two transfers (three when wild-type strain DM11 was present) at a 1,000-fold dilution into fresh medium.

  • c The difference in maximal growth rates (Δμmax) was computed from the data in Table 2.

  • d Calculated with equation 2 (see Materials and Methods).

  • e ND, not determined.