Determinants of MRSA carriage level in nasal swabs according to multivariable analysis

ModelaVariableRelative carriage level (CI)b
AExposure level of airborne MRSAc1.73 (1.70–1.77)
Farm work (active)d1.55 (1.59–1.60)
Farm work (passive)e1
BExposure level of airborne MRSAc1.42 (1.39–1.45)
Smoker0.44 (0.21–0.92)
  • a Model A, trials 1 and 2; model B, trials 1 to 4, excluding volunteers with pig contact.

  • b The confidence interval (CI) for each value is shown in parentheses.

  • c Exposure was measured in log2-transformed CFU/m3.

  • d Farm work with pig contact.

  • e Reference.