Table 1.

Comparative effects of tertiary sulfonium compounds and GB on the growth of S. meliloti 102F34

NaCl concn in LAS medium (M)Growth parameters in LAS medium containinga:
No additionDMSP (1 mM)GB (1 mM)DMSA (1 mM)DMSE (1 mM)DMSE (1 mM)b
DT (h)Maximum OD570DT (h)Maximum OD570DT (h)Maximum OD570DT (h)Maximum OD570DT (h)Maximum OD570DT (h)Maximum OD570
0.65450.3270.9131.8420.3 NDc NDNDND
  • a The growth rate is expressed as the DT (in hours per generation), and the maximum OD570 is the optical density of the culture in the stationary phase. Each value is the mean from triplicate determinations, and the standard deviations were less than 10%.

  • b Growth parameters of strain LTS23-1020 (betA mutant) in the presence of DMSE. The growth parameters of strain LTS23-1020 in LAS medium, in LAS plus 0.5 M NaCl, and in LAS containing 1 mM DMSA were similar to those observed when wild-type strain 102F34 was grown in the same media.

  • c ND, not determined.