Table 1.

Phylogenetic affiliations based on SSU rDNA genes of members of a Hawaiian rainforest soil bacterial communitya

PhylotypeRelative abundance (%)bPhylogenetic affiliationMost closely related organism in RDP database% Similarity to most closely related organism
TaxonRDP subdivision
35% G+C fraction
 HRS-16.8Clostridia and their relatives[Clostridium tetani]c Clostridium novyi subgroup80.6
 HRS-26.8Clostridia and their relatives[Clostridium tetani] Clostridium novyi subgroup76.1
 HRS-36.8Clostridia and their relatives Clostridium fallax Clostridium perfringensassemblage92.9
 HRS-46.8Clostridia and their relatives Clostridium fallax Clostridium perfringensassemblage94.0
 HRS-65.1Clostridia and their relatives Clostridium puniceum Clostridium butyricumsubgroup95.3
 HRS-71.7Clostridia and their relatives Clostridium butyricum Clostridium butyricumsubgroup94.7
 HRS-81.7Clostridia and their relatives Clostridium puniceum Clostridium butyricumsubgroup98.0
 HRS-101.7Clostridia and their relatives Clostridium beijerinckii Clostridium butyricumsubgroup98.5
 HRS-211.7Clostridia and their relatives Clostridium puniceum Clostridium butyricumsubgroup98.5
 HRS-221.7Clostridia and their relatives[Clostridium tetanomorphum] Clostridium butyricum subgroup80.0
63% G+C fraction
 HRS-1213.2Alpha purple bacteria[Rhodopseudomonas viridis] Rhizobium-Agrobacterium group82.6
 HRS-1310.5Gamma purple bacteria Pseudomonas syringae Pseudomonas subgroup97.9
 HRS-167.9Alpha purple bacteria Azospirillum lipoferum Rhodospirillum rubrum assemblage88.0
 HRS-171.3Alpha purple bacteria Zoogloea ramigera Brucella assemblage90.4
 HRS-181.3 FibrobacterphylumEnvironmental strain MC 103 Acidobacteriumsubdivision93.2
 HRS-191.3 Bacillus-Lactobacillussubdivision[Bacillus flavothermus] Bacillus megaterium group80.3
 HRS-201.3Delta purple bacteriaEnvironmental strain FIE 20 Myxobacteriumgroup92.9
  • a Only unambiguously aligned regions were used in the analysis.

  • b Relative abundance of clones belonging to a phylotype, calculated by dividing the number of clones belonging to the phylotype by the total number of clones analyzed.

  • c Brackets indicate that the taxonomic assignment of the closest relative is uncertain (level of similarity, less than 85%).