Table 1.

Motility of R. meliloti L5-30 after transfer to SB containing an added nutrient, culture filtrate, or nonmetabolizable attractant

Added substance (concn)% Motile cells after incubation in supplemented SB for period of (min)a:
No addition38252018161512b10b
 Glucose (5 mM)4555 NDc60ND60ND60
 Glutamine (5 mM)6060ND 60ND60ND60
 Cycloleucine (5 mM)6060ND 60ND60ND60
 Cycloleucine (50 μM)5555ND 60ND60ND60
 Itaconate (5 mM)3535ND 35ND40ND30
Culture filtrate
  • a Percentages are from single representative experiments that were repeated two or three times.

  • b Motile cells tumbled slowly; few swam straight.

  • c ND, not determined.