Table 1.

Sources and genotypic and phenotypic properties of theC. jejuni isolates investigated

BatchMeat packageSwabaPFGESmaI genotypeflagenotypebHS serotypecBiotypePhage type
A119a16, 131864040020128
119b26, 131864040020128
119c36, 131864040020128
121a46, 131864040020128
121c46, 131864040020128
121d16, 131864040020128
122c56, 131864040020128
122d46, 131864040020128
123a66, 131864040020128
123bs 76, 13186400NTNT
123br 76, 13NDNDNDND
123c86, 13186404NTNT
124a96, 13186404NTNT
124c106, 131864040020128
125a116, 13186404NTNT
125c126, 13186404NTNT
125d106, 13186404NTNT
126a96, 13186004NTNT
126d136, 131864040020128
130c76, 131860000020128
130d146, 131864000020128
B302a203, 42764060800117
303a201, 42764060800117
307a218, 17176004CEA952
308a218, 17176004EFEB1
C317a221, 14 complex66100001146
318a221, 14 complex6710NTNT
D331a231, 12NT6610214290
  • a Isolates obtained from swabs taken from (a) fluid dripping from meat packet, (b) meat surface, (c) freshly cut meat, and (d) wrapping. Two different colony morphologies were recognized in isolate 123b, with bs representing smooth colonies and br representing rough colonies.

  • b The fla genotype designation comprises the HinfI and the DdeI profile numbers, respectively.

  • c HS, heat-stable antigen serotype. Serotyping was kindly performed by D. Wareing according to the technique of Penner and Hennessy (14). NT, not typeable; i.e., the strain is not sensitive to any of the tested bacteriophages. ND, not determined.