Table 2.

Steady-state parameters of the flagellate-free and flagellate-controlled phases and parameters of the transient stages (after flagellate introduction until establishment of a new steady state) of the Flag1 and Flag2 chemostat experimenta

ParameterFlag1 exptFlag2 exptb
Steady state
 Total bacterial abundance (106 ml−1)
  Without flagellates10.3 ± 0.59.9 ± 0.4
  With flagellates0.34 ± 0.070.32 ± 0.06
 Relative abundance of C. acidovorans PX54 (%)
  Without flagellates6.5 ± 1.07.3 ± 0.4
  With flagellates67.0 ± 3.867.0 ± 1.1
Dynamic state (from transient stage; day−1)
 Rate of increase in flagellate no.b0.511.15
 Rate of bacterial cell no.cdecrease0.651.14
  • a Data on the flagellate-free phase of the Flag2 experiment represent the situation after inoculation withVibrio strain CB5. Steady-state parameters represent mean values ± standard deviations, and transient-stage values represent rates of exponential changes following flagellate inoculation.

  • b After inoculation with Vibriostrain CB5.

  • c After inoculation with the flagellate.