Table 3.

Incubation temperatures and media for cultivation and testing of BTA-degrading isolates

BTAdegrading isolateTemp (°C)Cultivation mediumDegradation of BTAb
RangeaOpti- mumMedium or mediacCapacity
K1a-145–6555NB agarMinB+
K1a-245–6555NB agarMinB+
K6a37–6555SCK agarMinB, MSA, CEA++
K6bNDd 55SCK agarCEA+++
K6cND55SCK agarMinB, CEA++
K7a-245–6555St-II-Soy agarMinB, MSV, CEA++
K7a-337–6555St-II-Soy agarMSV++++
K7eND55TSB agarCEA+
K7f45–6055SCK agarAll media++
K7h45–6555SCK agarMSV+++
K9a37–5545SCK agarMinB, MSA++
K9b45–5550St-II-Soy agarAll media++
K10b20–5040St-II-Soy agarAll media++
K11a37–6055SCK agarAll media++
K11bND55St-II-Soy agarMinB, CEA+++
K11d37–6055St-II-Soy agarMSV+++
K13aND55GYM agarCEA++
K13g37–6555St-II-Soy agarMSV++++
K13jND55GYM agarMSA, CEA++
K13kND45GYM agarAll media++
K13l20–5040GYM agarMSA, CEA+++
  • a Temperature range was tested on complex medium (TSB agar).

  • b In milligrams per week per square centimeter: +, 0.15 to 0.3; ++, 0.3 to 1; +++, 1 to 2; ++++, >2.

  • c Medium or media on which the isolate showed the highest BTA-degrading activity or activities.

  • d ND, not determined.