Table 1.

Viruses used in the PCR specificity study, including cyanophages whose DNAs were amplified by cyanophage-specific PCR primers CPS1 and CPS2 and viruses whose DNAs were not amplified by CPS1 and CPS2

VirusHost(s)Area of isolationReference or source
Cyanophages amplified by primers CPS1 and CPS2
S-PM2MWH7803, WH8012, WH8018Plymouth, United Kingdom58
S-BnM1MWH7803Bergen, Norway56
S-WHM1MWH7803, WH8012Woods Hole, Mass.58
S-RSM1MWH7803Red Sea, Eilat, Israel56
S-RSM2MWH7803Red Sea, Eilat, Israel56
S-BM1MWH7803, WH8012, WH8018Bermuda58
S-BM3MWH7803, WH8103Sargasso SeaThis study
S-BM4bMWH7803, WH8018BermudaThis study
S-BM5bMWH8018BermudaThis study
S-BM6MWH7803Sargasso SeaThis study
S-MM1MWH7803Miami, Fla.56
S-MM2MWH7803Miami, Fla.56
S-MM3MWH7803Miami, Fla.56
S-MM4MWH7803Miami, Fla.56
S-MM5MWH7803Miami, Fla.56
S-MM7MWH7803Miami, Fla.56
φ2MWH7803, WH8012, WH8018Sargasso Sea54
φ9MWH7803, WH8012, WH8018Woods Hole, Mass.54
φ14MWH8103Gulf Stream54
φ33MWH7803Gulf Stream54
φ34MWH8103Gulf Stream54
S-PWM1MWH7803Gulf of Mexico49
S-PWM3MWH7803, SYN48, SNC2, SNC1cGulf of Mexico49
Viruses not amplified by primers CPS1 and CPS2
S-BP1PWH8018BermudaThis study
S-BP2PWH8018BermudaThis study
S-BP3PWH7803BermudaThis study
φ12PWH8018Gulf Stream54
AN-15MAnabaena sp. strain PCC7120Freshwater27
PW3a-P1MVibrio natriegensGulf of Mexico49
H2/1MH2North Sea17
H4/4PH4North Sea17
H54/1SH54North Sea17
PpV-01PhPhaeocystis pouchetiiRaunefjorden, Norway28
PpV-02dPhPhaeocystis pouchetiiRaunefjorden, Norway
PpV-04dPhPhaeocystis pouchetiiRaunefjorden, Norway
PpV-05dPhPhaeocystis pouchetiiRaunefjorden, Norway
PpV-06dPhPhaeocystis pouchetiiRaunefjorden, Norway
MpV-Sp1PhMicromonas pusillaSouthern California16
T4MEscherichia coliSigma
  • a M, Myoviridae; P,Podoviridae; S, Siphoviridae; Ph,Phycodnaviridae.

  • b Larger products (length, ca. 800 bp) were amplified.

  • c SYN48 and SNC2 are red phycoerythrin-containing strains of a marine Synechococcusspecies, and SNC1 is a green phycocyanin-containing strain of a marineSynechococcus species.

  • d Unpublished results.