Table 4.

β-turn potentials of selected pediocin AcH sequence regionsa

Sequence% Identity to β-turn consensus sequence of type:
-G10-K11-H12-S13-12 (12)25 (24)48 (47)
-Y2-Y3-G4-N5-67 (76)30 (30)
-Y3-G4-N5-G6-28 (26)97 (89)
-G4-N5-G6-V7-79 (55)20 (21)
  • a The percent identity of each sequence to six consensus-type β turns was calculated according to the method of Hutchinson and Thornton (18). Values are shown only for the most relevant types of β turns. Values in parentheses were calculated for the K11E (relevant for the -G10-K11-H12-S13- sequence) and N5K (relevant for the other sequences) substitution mutants.

  • b -Y-N-G-K-.

  • c -Y-G-N-T-.

  • d -P-P-N-P-.