Table 1.

Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
E. coli K-12
 CC118λpirΔ(ara-leu)araD ΔlacX74 galE galK phoA thi-1 rpsE rpoB argE(Am)recA λpir lysogen 21
 HB101 E. coli K-12/B hybrid; Smr recA thi pro leu hsdRM+ 4
P. putida
 RI (SMO116)Natural isolate; γ subgroup of classProteobacteriaa 29
 JB154SMO116 Rifr This work
 JB156SMO116 Nalr This work
 KT2440 hsdR/TOLK. Timmis
 KT2442 hsdR Rifr K. Timmis
 SM1443KT2442 lacI q; nptremoved by site-specific recombinationThis work
 BBC443SM1443/TOLgfpmut3bThis work
 BBC458JB156/TOLgfpmut3bThis work
 BBC516JB154/TOLgfpmut3bThis work
Acinetobacter sp. strain C6 (SMO112)Natural isolate; γ subclass of classProteobacteriab 29
Unknown genus D8 (SMO125)Natural isolate; β subclass of class Proteobacteriac 29
 RK600Cmr ColE1oriV RP4 oriT; helper plasmid in triparental matings 22
 pUC18NotSame as pUC18 (49) but with polylinker flanked with NotI sites 21
 pUTKmAprKmr; transposon delivery vector for mini-Tn5Km 11
 pCK242mini-Tn5transposon delivery vector; npt gene flanked byres sites 23
 pJBA27 SphI-HindIIIgfpmut3b fragment cloned downstream ofPA1/O4/O3 3
 pJBA28 NotI fragmentPA1/O4/O3 ::gfpmut3b from pJBA27 cloned into pUT mini-Tn5 Km 3
 pSM1431 lacI q fragment (38) cloned into pUC18Not (Sca-SalI)This work
 pSM1435 NotI fragment (lacI q) of pSM1431 inserted into pUTKmThis work
 TOLSelf-transmissible approximately 117-kb plasmid; fromP. putida mt-2 43
 TOLgfpmut3bIntegration ofPA1/O4/O3 ::gfpmut3b from pJBA28 into TOLThis work
  • a From reference 29.

  • b Based on 16S rRNA sequence.

  • c Based on hybridization with group-specific probes.