Table 3.

Effect of bead mill homogenization on B. globigii and F. moniliforme sporesa

TreatmentDNA yield (μg/ml)b
B. globigii prepn 93B. globigii prepn 95F. moniliforme
Bead mill2.53 (0.94) A1.30 (0.37) A0.74 (0.35) A
No bead mill0.18 (0.36) B0.36 (0.09) B0.06 (0.09) B
  • a DNA yields were quantified by densiometry measurements of DNA bands on calibrated agarose gels as described in the text.

  • b Values in the table are means of eight values, with the standard deviations in parentheses. Means followed by different letters are significantly different at the P= 0.05 level by using Tukey’s studentized range (HSD) test.