Table 2.

Colony hybridization of phenanthrene-degrading isolates to DNA probes constructed from genes encoding PAH-catabolic pathways

Sample dateTotal no. of isolatesNo. of isolates weakly hybridizing to:
May 19922503 (12)c
June 19922606 (23)
May 199338010 (26)
June 19934100
March 1994708 (11)4 (6)
June 19942373 (1)28 (12)
  • a The nahAaAb probe is a 2.5-kb DNA probe encoding reductasenap and ferredoxinnap of the naphthalene dioxygenase gene.

  • b pY3-E16 is a 16-kb DNA probe encoding the upper pathway for phenanthrene, naphthalene, and fluorene degradation and includes nahAaAb.

  • c The values in parentheses are percentages.