Table 2.

Results of testing the effects of three DNA extraction methods on DNA yields from P. putida cells, B. globigii endospores, and F. moniliforme conidiaa

70°C incubation in TEN bufferThree freeze-thaw cyclesBead mill homogenization
P. putida 0.0020.0290.047
B. globigii prepn 93NSDNSD0.0001
B. globigii prepn 95NSDNSD0.0001
F. moniliforme NSDNSD0.0002
  • a The three DNA extraction methods were described in detail in Materials and Methods. Data were analyzed by using indicator variables in the general linear model as described in the text.

  • b Probability of a greater F value (P values) when testing whether the extraction procedure had an effect on the DNA yields as described by SAS type III sums of squares. P values greater than 0.05 were considered significant. NSD, values that were not significantly different (P values of 0.18 to 0.95).