Table 3.

Requirements for PNP monooxygenase activitya

Constituent(s) of assay mixtureSp actb
Component A00
Component A + NADH00
Component B00
Component B + NADH00
Components A + B00
Components A + B + NADH36.535.6
Components A + B + NADPH00
  • a Reaction mixtures (1.0 ml) contained PNP or 4-nitrocatechol (80 μM), FAD (20 μM), component A (10 μg of protein), component B (3.6 μg of protein), and, when indicated, NADH or NADPH (200 μM) in TE buffer (50 mM, pH 8.0).

  • b Nanomoles of nitrite per milligram of protein per minute.