Table 2.

Fluorescent rRNA-specific oligonucleotide probes used in this study

ProbeTarget positionsSequenceSpecificity
16S rRNA probes
 MBSP1RC850–8335′-AGGATCAATCTCCCCCAA-3′WideBeggiatoa sp.
 Eub-338b 338–3555′-GCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT-3′Eubacteria
 ALF1bc 19–355′-CGTTCG(C/T)TCTGAGCCAG-3′Alpha subdivision
 Thioploca-829d 829–8495′-GGATTAATTTCCCCCAACATC-3′ Thioplocaspp.
23S rRNA probec
 BET42a1027–10435′-GCCTTCCCACTTCGTTT-3′Beta subdivision
 GAM42a1027–10435′-GCCTTCCCACATCGTTT-3′Gamma subdivision
  • a Nonsense probe designed as the reverse of MBSP1RC.

  • b Probe described by Wagner et al. (41).

  • c Probe described by Manz et al. (23).

  • d Probe described by Teske et al. (38).