Table 1.

Summary of properties of vacuolateBeggiatoa and Thioploca spp.

Organism(s)Filament width (μm)Common sheathVacuole vol. (% of biovolume)Evidence for vacuoleaLength of 16S ribosomal DNA sequence (bp)References
Beggiatoa sp. (Monterey Canyon)65–85No80P/V1,493 24; this study
Beggiatoa spp. (Guaymas Basin vents)17–35No68–85P/V, EMNone 29,31
32–50No83P/V, EMNone
88–140No92P/V, EMNone
Thioploca ingrica 2–4.5Yes39–42b EM1,491 18,19, 38
Thioploca chileae 12–20Yes89b EM550 20,21, 38
Thioploca araucae 30–43Yes>80EM620 5, 20, 21,38
  • a P/V, protein biovolume ratios (31); EM, electron microscopy.

  • b Calculated from previously published electron micrographs of Thioploca ingrica (19) andT. chileae (21).