Table 3.

Evolutionary distances between 16S rRNA sequences ofBeggiatoa and Thioploca spp.

OrganismEstimated no. of substitutions per 100 bases
Monterey Beggiatoasp.Thioploca araucaeThioploca chileaeThioploca ingricaBeggiatoa sp. strain B15LDBeggiatoa sp. strain B1401-13Escherichia coli
Thioploca araucae 0.002.419.1414.9112.2620.91
Thioploca chileae 0.0010.1915.5612.0520.67
Thioploca ingrica 0.0017.4513.1824.22
Beggiatoa sp. strain B15LD0.0012.7022.62
Beggiatoa sp. strain B1401-130.0022.13
Escherichia coli 0.00
  • a Values were corrected by the Jukes-Cantor model for nucleotide substitution (14).