Table 3.

Concentration of bacteria and viruses, determined by FCM and EFM, for surface samples from the English Channel and the Equatorial Pacific and for samples from a vertical profile collected in the Mediterranean Sea during the MINOS cruise (cast 118)a

LocationDepth (m)Bacterial counts (105/ml)Viral counts (105/ml) by:
English Channel0–29.11601800.103
Equatorial Pacific56.339.052.90.216
Mediterranean Sea53.915.022.70.158
Mediterranean Sea404.743.80.248
Mediterranean Sea604.952.90.239
Mediterranean Sea1004.165.10.276
Mediterranean Sea1203.258.90.230
Mediterranean Sea1402.762.60.312
Mediterranean Sea2001.941.20.249
  • a Samples were stained with 10−4 SYBR-I and analyzed undiluted for bacteria and with 5 × 10−5 SYBR-I and diluted 50- to 200-fold for viruses. EFM counts were performed with SYBR-I as described by Noble and Fuhrman (19).