Table 4.

FISH of preserved Monterey Beggiatoafilaments with various probes at different temperatures

ProbeaHybridization atb:
MBSP1RC++++c +++++++++
Eub-338+++++++NDd +++ND
  • a Probes MBSP1RC andThioploca-829 are putatively specific for the Monterey Beggiatoa sp. andThioploca spp., respectively (Fig. 4).

  • b All hybridizations were performed in the presence of 20% formamide, and the final concentration of the probe in the hybridization buffer was 5 ng/μl.

  • c The hybridization signal intensity ranged from very strong (++++) to no additional signal (−) compared with the background autofluorescence.

  • d ND, not determined.