Table 1.

Distribution of contaminant clones with representatives from environmental studies

Clone(s) from negative controlEnvironment and clone >98% identical to negative-control clone (reference)GenBank no.Most closely related organism% Iden- titya
MT3Bentonite/sand subsurface, Canada, clone K13 (22)X91528Stenotrophomonas maltophilia96.7
Acid mine drainage, clone TRA2-7 (11)AF047649
MT6Bentonite/sand subsurface, Canada, clone K9 (22)X91524Acinetobacter sp. DSM59099.7
Deep marine sediment, clone JAP752 (27)U09828
Groundwater/subsurface at Äspö hard rock lab, Sweden, clone A24otpmn (23)X91447
Deep granitic groundwater, Stripa research mine, Sweden, clone Group III (10)L20812
MT9Bentonite/sand subsurface, Canada, clone K16 (22)X91531Escherichia coli98.0
Prostatitis, clone 5725 (17)NAb
MT14, CMT35PGroundwater/subsurface, Gabon, Africa, clone G4 (24)X91175Leptothrix cholodnii96.5
Infected guinea pig lung, clone GPMT16 (31)AF058793
Acid mine drainage, clone TRB32 (11)AF047647
MT18, CTHB-18Bentonite/sand subsurface, Canada, clone K11 (22)X91526Duganella zoogloeoides (formerly Zoogloea ramigera)99.8
Deep marine sediment, clone JAP405 (27)U09778
Acid mine drainage, clone AMDke9.1 (11)NA
Antarctic, clone BP-S155 (11)NA
Basalt sand deep subsurface, clone BS43 (11)NA
Yellowstone hot spring, clone OPS122B (14)AF026984
Siberian tundra soil, clone S-41 (34)AF016752
Dentoalveolar abscess (pus sample), clone PUS 10.40 (9)U34035
Contaminated aquifer, clone WFeA1-06 (8)AF050528
Groundwater/subsurface, Gabon, Africa, clones G22 and G41 (24)X91274
Hawaiian soil, clone HRS-17 (20)AF016530
Humic-reducing environment, molecular isolate from a PCR product (6)AF019941
Guinea pig lung, clone MTseq15 (31)AF058388
Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected guinea pig, lung, clone GPMT3 (31)AF058387
MT22Low-pH peat bog, clones TM221 and TM252 (26)X97095Herbaspirillum seropedicae98.6
Carolina bay sediment, clones RB-06 and RB-37 (33)U62830
  • a Between the negative-control clone and the related organism.

  • b NA, not available.