Table 1.

Summary of effects of P. luminescenscell-freea culture broth injected into newly molted fourth-instar M. sexta larvae

StrainSampleb% Mortality
NC-1919 h0
24 h50
48 h33
72 h67
72 h, heated at 60°C for 15 min0
Hm19 h0
24 h83
48 h100
72 h92
72 h, heated at 60°C for 15 min50
>30-kDa fraction100
<30-kDa fraction16
W-1448 h100
Control2% PP3 broth0
  • a A 2-μm-pore-size filter was employed.

  • b Each larva was injected with 5 μl of sample broth; n = 12 larvae for each sample group.