Table 3.

Sequence similarities of the excised bacterial bands that appear in Fig. 1 a

BandClosest relative
No.% Simi-laritySpeciesAccession no.Taxonomic description
196.5 Flavobacteriumsp. U63936 Cytophagales
286.6 Flexibacter sancti M62795 Cytophagales
397.4Unidentified bacterium LD28 Z99999 β-Proteobacteria
497.4 Flavobacterium sp. U63936 Cytophagales
598.8 Blastobactersp. U20772 β-Proteobacteria
598.8Unidentified bacterium AJ223452 β-Proteobacteria
6100 Blastobactersp. U20772 β-Proteobacteria
6100Unidentified bacterium AJ223452 β-Proteobacteria
796.8 Flavobacterium aquatile M62797 Cytophagales
8a100 Sphingomonas adhaesiva X72720 β-Proteobacteria
8b96.4 Hyphomicrobium vulgare X53182 α-Proteobacteria
996.4 Hyphomicrobium vulgare X53182 α-Proteobacteria
1098.3Unidentified bacterium U85190 Actinomycetes
1197.1Unidentified bacterium U85190 Actinomycetes
1299.4 Mycobacteriumsp. U46146 Actinomycetes
  • a Sequences were aligned to the closest relatives from the EMBL database. The similarity was calculated with gaps and ambiguities not taken into account.