Table 1.

Sampling details, bacterial cell concentrations, and nitrite, nitrate, and chlorophyll a concentrations at the three sampling sites in the northwestern Mediterranean Seaa

StationSampling depth (m)Sampling date (day/mo/yr)Bacterial cell concn (105 cells ml of unfiltered seawater−1)Nitrite concn (μg of NO2 N ml−1)Nitrate concn (μg of NO3 N ml−1)Chlorophyll a concn (μg liter−1)Vol of water sampled to obtain for aggregate material (liters)
17007/4/951.020.098.05NDb 515
  • a Data were obtained from the European Commission’s Marine Science and Technology Programme 2 (Mediterranean Targeted Project, European Microbiology of Particulate Systems).

  • b ND, not determined.