Table 1.

Characteristics of the microbial mats studied

MatField conditionsPhotic zone characteristics
Salinity (%)aWater depth (m)OriginThickness (mm)Texture
P260.5Evaporation pond2.0Soft
P3/460.5Evaporation pond1.5Cohesive
P491.0Evaporation pond3.0Cohesive, rubbery
P5111.0Evaporation pond3.0Cohesive, rubbery
P6141.0Evaporation pond4.8Gelatinous, translucent
NC25–8 0.2–0.5Tidal channel1.5Soft
NC525–110.2–0.5Tidal channel1.6Soft
NC36–210.3–0.6Tidal channel1.7Very cohesive, rubbery, compact
  • a Measured in the field site at time of collection. Salinities in evaporation ponds typically vary by less than 5% per year. The salinities and water depths in tidal channels vary with tidal cycles.