Table 4.

Microbial parameters of river water samples

Sample description (year collected)PCR resultaEnterovirus on cell culturebConcn of fecal coliformsc
Site 1 (1995)
Site 1 (1996)
Site 2 (1996)
  • a Results obtained by nested PCR analysis of 2 ml of concentrate (corresponding to 2 liters of river water) for the detection of adenovirus, and 1 ml of concentrate (corresponding to 1 liter of river water) for the detection of enterovirus or HAV. HAd, human adenovirus; EV, enterovirus.

  • b Enterovirus PFU obtained from 20 ml of concentrate (equivalent to 20 liters of river water) on BGM cells.

  • c Results expressed as CFU/100 ml.

  • d NT, not tested.