Enantioselectivity of mutant MhIHLa

Protein(+)-Vince lactam(−)-Vince lactamConversion ratio (%)
Wild typeYY100
Val54Ser mutantYN49.8
Val54Leu mutantYN48.8
Val112Ala mutantYN49.2
His51Ala mutantYN49.1
Phe110Ala-Val112Gly mutantYN48.3
V54Thr mutantYN49.7
  • a Y, the protein showed activity on (+)-Vince lactam; N, the protein showed no activity on (−)-Vince lactam. The reaction time was long enough to confirm the enantiomeric preference. The ee was ≥99% for all mutants, and there was no product for the wild type.