Table 6.

Comparison of the sequence of the JCV detected with the IG primers with previously described isolates

SampleMost closely related isolate(s)aNucleotide difference from the most closely related strain (no. of nucleotides different/total no. of nucleotides)
StrainCity and country
BCNUUK-2London, United Kingdom4/461
IT-1Rome, Italy4/461
BCN2UK-2London, United Kingdom2/461
BCN8UK-2London, United Kingdom1/461
BCN15IT-1Rome, Italy1/461
UK-2London, United Kingdom1/461
BCN16UK-2London, United Kingdom2/461
NANCY2RS-3Novosibirsk, Russia4/461
G-5Illertisen, Germany4/461
HU-5Budapest, Hungary4/461
UMEA3CR-5Prague, Czech Republic0/461
PRETORIA1SO-3Welkom, South Africa1/461
SO-1Welkom, South Africa1/461
PRETORIA3MA-4Nouakchott, Mauritania6/461
MA-5Nouakchott, Mauritania6/461
MA-1Nouakchott, Mauritania6/461
MR-2Fez-frane, Morocco6/461
CSFBUK-2London, United Kingdom2/461
CSFEN-4Deventer, The Netherlands3/461
CSFJUK-2London, United Kingdom2/461
  • ↵a From the work of Kunitake et al. (23).