Table 1.

Plasmids and bacterial strains

Plasmid or strainRelevant characteristicsAntibiotic resistanceReference or source
 pGIT032 L. hilgardiipLAB1000 replicon; expression vector containing the constitutiveldhL promoter from L. plantarum AprEmr 15
 pTG2247 L. lactis pSH71 replicon (pCK17 derivative); expression vector containing P25 promoter from S. thermophilus followed by the ldhD RBS from L. plantarum and terminator signal T1T2 from E. coli Kmr Cmr 19
 pNZ8037 L. lactis pSH71 replicon; pNZ8032 derivative; expression vector containing nisA promoter fromL. lactis NZ9800Cmr 9
 pNZ8037modpNZ8037 carrying an additional KpnI siteCmr This study
 pBSmodpBluescript derivative containing an additional SphI siteApr P. Chagnaud (unpublished data)
 pBAD-GFPuvpBR322 derivative containing gfp under the control of araC promoterApr Clontech
 pMEC7pBSmod containing the P25-RBS-T1T2 cassette from pTG2247Apr This study
 pMEC12pMEC7 derivative containing gfp Apr This study
 pMEC17pTG2247 derivative containing the P25-RBS-gfp-T1T2 cassette from pMEC12KmrCmr This study
 pMEC30pGIT032 derivative containing gfp Apr Emr This study
 pMEC45pNZ8037 derivative containinggfp Cmr This study
Bacterial strains
E. coli MC1061 araD139Δ(ara-leu)7696 lacX74 galV galK hsr-hsm rpsL 4
L. plantarumNCIMB8826Isolated from human salivaNCIMBa
L. plantarum NCIMB8826 Int-1Integrant carrying thenisRK genes in the tRNASer chromosomal locusS. Pavan et al. (unpublished data)
L. lactis NZ9800NZ9700 derivative, ΔnisA, carryingnisRK on the chromosome; non-nisin producer 9
  • a NCIMB, National Collection of Industrial and Marine Bacteria, Aberdeen, United Kingdom.