Table 1.

Details of the 16 sous vide-processed products included in the study

Product no.Ingredient(s)aSize (g)P valueb (min)NaCl (% [wt/vol])pHc
1Pork cubes1,50022.90.76.0–6.3
2Pork cubes1,500153.50.75.8–6.1
3Beef cubes1,500496.70.25.8–6.1
4Beef cubes1,500186.70.75.6–6.1
5Pork fillet1,30010.62.05.8–6.0
6Beef roast1,40019.61.65.7–6.1
7Beef roast1,5005.51.95.6–5.8
8Ground beef1,5000.00.25.5–5.9
9Beef liver cubes1,500450.80.36.1–6.3
10Broiler fillets, marinade1,00083.91.45.9–6.1
11Rice, vegetables, pork, seafood1,500102.01.95.8–6.0
12Rice, water, milk1,500NDd(high)1.16.1–6.7
13Beef, pork, water, vegetables1,5002.51.34.8–5.1
14Beef, vegetables, water1,500349.21.34.7–5.3
15Water, potatoes, beef, vegetables1,500370.11.05.3–5.8
16Pork, vegetables, water1,500118.91.04.9–5.3
  • a Main ingredients in diminishing order.

  • b P, pasteurization value based on the measured temperatures in the product during the processing.

  • c The pH range measured from the samples during the study.

  • d ND, not determined. The measurement did not completely succeed due to the high liquid consistency of the product.