Table 2.

Nucleotide divergence among the sequences of the mitochondrial OLI1 gene from various yeast speciesa

Species or hybrid strainNucleotide divergence
S. paradoxusS. cerevisiaeS6UCID1
S. paradoxus
S. cerevisiae 3 (1.3%)
S6U3 (1.3%)0 (0%)
CID16 (2.6%)5 (2.2%)5 (2.2%)
S. bayanus 9 (3.9%)6 (2.6%)6 (2.6%)5 (2.2%)
  • a The number of changes between each pair of species is shown, and the percentage of divergence is shown in parentheses. The data for S. paradoxus andS. cerevisiae are from Ooi et al. (23) and Nicoletti et al. (21). The S. bayanus strain was CBS 380.