Table 2.

Some life strategy features of C. acidovorans PX54 and A. hydrophila PU7718

TraitaMethodEvaluation of straine:
Growth rateDilution culture, mesocosmb LowHigh
Effect of dilution on growth rateDilution cultureLowHigh
Ability to utilize refractory DOMDilution cultureHighLow
Nutritional rangeMetabolic fingerprintc LowHigh
Range of expressed enzymesMetabolic fingerprintc LowHigh
Resistance to predation-lysisDilution culture, chemostat,dmesocosmb HighLow
  • a Traits were selected from reference5 and slightly modified.

  • b Determined by Höfle (20).

  • c Determined from BIOLOG and API ZYM tests.

  • d Determined by Hahn and Höfle (19).

  • e The evaluations of the traits of the two populations are given relative to one another.