Table 2.

Morphotypes identified by microscopy in Lake Cisóand Lake Vilar, including some phenotypic characteristics and mean cell sizes

MorphotypeMorphologyCell size (μm)Presence in:Reference(s)Related sequence(s)a
Lake CisóLake Vilar
ThiocystisclassOvoid3.0-4.0 × 5.0-6.0b+46CIBAC-15
LargeChromatiumRod4.0-6.0 × 8.0+47None
SmallChromatiumRod2.0 × 4.0+47None
ChlorobiumRod0.8 × 2.0-2.5++47CIBAC-3, VIBAC-6
SynechococcusCoccus1.5-2.0+This studyVIBAC-3, VICYA-1
PseudanabaenaLong filament+This studyCICYA-2
Plagiopyla-MetopusAutofluorescent, rod-shaped endosymbiont cells++12, 30CIARC-1, VIARC-3
CryptomonasChloroplast++46CIBAC-9, CICYA-1, VICYA-2
Other prokaryotesNo distinctive morphological traits++29; this studyMore than 20c
  • a Sequence(s) retrieved which could correspond to the morphotype.

  • b Includes the morphotype designated C. minus-like in previous papers on Lake Cisó (46).

  • c See Table 3.