Table 4.

Statistical differences between wines and distillates, produced by control and modified yeast strains, with respect to sensory evaluations

Wine or distillate, property, and effectDegrees of freedomDevianceApprox significance level
Chenin blanc (after 6-mo bottle aging)
 Solvent or chemical
  VIN13 vs VIN13(pATF1-s)13.4698390.0625
  VIN7 vs VIN7(pATF1-s)18.4562090.0036
 Fruity or flowery
  VIN13 vs VIN13(pATF1-s)12.850730.0913
70% Distillate
 Solvent or chemical
  VIN13 vs VIN13(pATF1-s)112.648130.0004
  VIN13 vs VIN13(pATF1-s)15.1374260.0234
 Heads associated
  VIN13 vs VIN13(pATF1-s)14.4449990.035
  • a Only the properties that showed a statistically significant difference are shown in the table. P ≤ 0.05.