Table 1.

Sampling sites and characteristics of the soils examined in this study

Ecosystem type (dominant plant)LocationSoil textureConcn of extractable NH4+ (mg of N kg of dry soil−1)aWater-holding capacity (g of H2O g of dry soil−1)
Birch taiga (Betula papyrifera)University of Alaska, FairbanksFine silt0.11 (0.014)b 0.62
Temperate hardwood (Quercus velutina)Harvard Forest, Petersham, Mass.Sandy loam6.98 (2.91)c 0.84
Temperate pine (Pinus resinosa)Harvard Forest, Petersham, Mass.Sandy loam7.83 (2.49)c 0.73
  • a concentration of NH4 + N in the upper 10 cm of the mineral horizon, which includes the zone of maximum CH4 oxidation. The values in parentheses are standard deviations.

  • b Data from this study. The concentration of extractable NH4 + was determined as described previously (17).

  • c Data from A. Magill (29a). See reference 30 for more information.