Table 2.

Purification of pediocin PA-1

Purification stageVol (ml)TotalA254aTotal activity (106 bacteriocin units)Sp actbIncrease in sp actc (fold)Yield (%)
Culture supernatant1,00024,9006.92781100
 Ammonium sulfate precipitation1001,3705.23,8251476
 Gel filtration chromatography2004203.99,3613457
 Cation-exchange chromatography5017.73.21.8 × 105 66747
 Hydrophobic interaction chromatography1010.33.23.1 × 105 1,13847
 RP chromatography1.150.5852.088.7 × 106 319,140751
  • a Total A 254 is the absorbance at 254 nm multiplied by the volume, in milliliters.

  • b Specific activity is bacteriocin units divided by total A 254.

  • c Increase in specific activity is the specific activity of a fraction divided by the specific activity of the culture supernatant.