Table 1.

Inhibition of methane oxidation and consumption of DFM in Searsville Lake soil during 6- to 7-day incubations with two levels of CH4 and various levels of added CH2F2

Inhibitor added (kPa)CH4DFM
Consumeda (nmol g−1day−1)Inhibited (%)Consumeda (nmol g−1day−1)Consumed (%)
5.0 kPa of CH4
 DFM (0.01)286932.5067
 DFM (0.03)104982.3020
 DFM (0.05)43991.166
0.05 kPa of CH4
 DFM (0.01)2.22810.9028
 DFM (0.03)−0.95b 100b 0.505
 DFM (0.05)0.09991.639
  • a Calculated as (initial concentration − final concentration)/elapsed time; means of three soil samples.

  • b Slight production occurred during incubation.